Give Me Patience

I recently returned to the gym after a 3 month hiatus.  I loved finally being able to get moving after two months of cold weather, keeping  me hibernating and of course post holiday craziness  ( including all the decadent food indulgences).   My gym has a happy vibe: there are many skylights and enormous plate-glass windows making it sunny even on cold overcast days. People of all ages come to the gym.  Little ones have pool classes- teens accompany parents in working out- older adults see trainers and have group fit classes.  There are yoga classes, Zumba classes, weight training classes- in short something for everyone.  I really love going to my gym, can you tell?

So there I was on day 3 of my return.  My routine is generally to start on the elliptical machine, followed by the weight circuit and some individual weights (concentrate on those abs) and finish with a half hour of treadmill.  Sometimes I actually get into a zone where I can forget I am working out and feeling great get into a magazine or the latest show on the televisions at the gym.  The chosen point to stress is “feeling great”.  I can’t read or watch television while working out unless I have gotten into the zone.  Otherwise I am absorbed with the idea of how much longer do I have till I can get off this thing.  So, when I actually get into the zone and find I am reading or enjoying a show while working out, it is a great thing for me. 

So while on the treadmill feeling great, getting near my half hour completion but still within my time- Oh, forgot to mention that the gym puts a 30 minute time limit on any of the machines so no one hogs them and they make you sign the one you are on out- I was approached by a woman.  Looking ahead at the magazine I was reading, I heard, “Excuse me, how much longer do you intend to be?”  I honestly felt a little jolted out of my zone.  I looked down at this very well coiffed late 50 or so aged woman with a book tucked under her arm that had come right next to me and was now looking up at me.  I did a double take.  “What?”, I said, in a confused voice.  “You signed up till 2:30′, she said, ‘How much longer will you be?”  I looked at the clock- I still had 2 minutes on the clock.  I looked around- there were at least 4 other treadmills unoccupied near by.  My zone gone- my good mood rapidly deteriorating I spit out, “There are no other treadmills you can use?”  She replied, “This is the only treadmill I can read on and you are nearly at your time limit.”  I responded- slightly out of breath,” I just can’t hop off- I need to cool down.”  She looked at her watch…”Well, you have 2 minutes.”  I pushed the cool down on the machine.  I stepped off the machine.  I looked at her.  “Maam’, I said, ‘you are more than welcome to this machine, but I have to tell you I would never sign up to a machine I saw someone else currently on- I would pick another machine.”  Her look became indignant.  “You know the rules, if you have a problem would you like me to get an attendant?”, she said as she made a motion to go toward the front of the gym.  “No,’ I said, ‘you are welcome to the machine but I have to say there is something to be said regarding rudeness!” She gave me a blank look. 

ok. So I was in my zone and maybe her question was justified.  Maybe she had someplace else she had to be and this was the only machine she felt she could work out on with her time limit.  Maybe I looked like I was in no way getting ready to leave my machine.  Maybe I need a little more yoga- so that I could just smile in the future- enter my Zen place and not be shocked when confronted by confrontational people.  I think I will work on this!


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