New Beginnings

So many thoughts come to mind. Daring to try something new. Daring to leave your home and home state. Daring to leave your house when you know no one. Daring to find new places to love. Daring to be different. Daring to create new routines. Daring to trust that even though you have moved farther away from your friends and family, you will keep in touch. Daring to make new friends.
Opposite is also true. Being fearful that even though you have made the leap, it won’t work out. The fear is that your mind has been in the loving hands of routine and normalcy. Those hands have massaged and nurtured the outlook to which your world is witnessed. While no place is perfect, routine and normalcy have left a rose colored image in the back of your mind. As you open the door to a new day and a new world your fear is it will never match up to that other place.
It’s what most of us do. We grow up in a place. We leave to go to school. We leave to get a job. We can’t always live where we would like. For some this process is painful. For some it’s downright excruciating. Some run back. Some need to stay where it was always safe. But sometimes that safe place isn’t the same. The place where it all seemed so easy and normal has changed. The world moves you forward.
So you leap. And while in the air you begin to notice. A beautiful sunset out your new back door takes your breath away. A shopkeeper in town has your taste and her goods are pretty affordable. There is a little coffee shop that makes the best sandwiches and soups. There is a little college nearby and they have a pretty good soccer team. Everyone you meet seems pretty welcoming. Your neighbors have made a point of welcoming you. And soon, the routines begin. The gym is found. The walking place. You find your church, your community library, your farmers market. It begins…and slowly even though really you weren’t feeling brave or daring at all, the new place, the new routine begins to massage that mind. It becomes home.