via Daily Prompt: Shine

I awoke this morning to see the sun rising over the soft gray hills that surround my log cabin home in central PA. Downstairs I could hear rustling as my husband  opened and closed the wood stove that heats our home. A light aroma of smoked wood filled the air. The sky was lit with pinks, and purples and literally glowed. I stretched and after stepping into slippers I slowly plodded down the stairs to the kitchen where I joined my husband.  The coffee was on. The day was on.

I listened to the morning jabber of news programs. The latest the fallout over Meryl Streep’s speech  at the Golden Globes. I listened as people weighed in as to whether they supported her or not. It became clear that her words were lost on most that supported Donald Trump. Criticism of our president should be something we are used to.  We have had eight years of nothing but criticism of Barack Obama . But this was different. I think this hit many in the gut.  The criticism never mentioned Trump by name.  Clearly everyone knew who she was referring to. She was specific.  She spoke fact.  She spoke from her heart.  She reminded us all just who “we” elected to be our next President of the United States.  I was reminded of how I felt the morning after the election.  I awoke to the sun rising and my first thought on that day was…”Oh a new day!”..and then remembering as though remembering a nightmare or great pain my next thought was…”Oh Donald Trump is going to be our next president.”

So here after many weeks have passed since the election I again awoke.  I breathed in the new day. I heard Meryl’s speech. I was reminded of my own visceral reaction to Trump’s election.  Her words reminded me that  words and behavior have consequences.  What bothered me so about the election of Trump was that many people seemed to give Trump a free ride on his behavior and actions.  But last night a very respected and admired individual spoke up. She held him up to his words and actions.  She reminded us who “we” elected. Her words put a crack in Trump’s armor. Her words let the light shine through. Like the emperor who wore no clothes, last night Streep undressed Trump for all the world to see.

So here I start again.  I haven’t blogged in ages.  But today, I am inspired to use my words and begin again.  Words do matter. Thank you Meryl Streep. It is a new day.