Bailey Thinks She Is Human


 She has long shiny black hair and dark dreamy eyes.  She prides herself on knowing just when you need a hug or when it is appropriate to put her head in your lap.  She speaks to you not by barking but by long drawn out phrases which sound a little like “arrah….whew.” When you ask her a yes or no question she will grab a toy if the answer is yes, right after she responds with, “Awhew!”  She has taken to sleeping in the various beds in the house.  When she does, she drags down the covers and rests her head on the pillows.  She has recently gotten into some bad habits.  She has a love of fresh-baked bread.  We know we can’t leave anything edible on the counter when we are out of the house as it will be gone when we return.  She even managed to lick the butter off of the butter dish on the kitchen counter at the same time she ate the bread thereby buttering her bread. 

She is a Gordon Setter on paper and yes, she does do doggy things.  She is expert at hunting for birds or squirrels in the yard.  Her job is to point them out.  She gladly will go “hunting” any time you would like her to but rarely on her own, as she looks to please her master! She is just as content sleeping on a chair in a warm spot in front of a sunny window, a cheerful fire or the bed you just warmed for her. 

Bailey prefers humans to canines.  This fact has ruined her reputation at the doggy daycare.  Once revered as the dog with the best doggy manners, when as a pup she stayed while we worked.  As an adult she now stays home unless we are on vacation.  The doggy daycare will not keep her any more unless we put her on doggy Zoloft.  “She begins to whine about one in the afternoon’- states the doggy daycare owner. ‘ It is driving us all crazy.”  This bothered me terribly, until I understood that Bailey had crossed over from canine to human. While initially Bailey enjoyed being with canine friends- she now longs to be with her kind..the human variety.  I doubt other canines understand “awhew”.  Needless to say- we now make other arrangements for her at home if we must be away. 

I think it would be a great idea to have owners of dogs list why they love their particular pets- in a blog perhaps- rather than some textbook of doggy traits.  You know what I mean.  If I looked up Gordon Setter I am sure it would say something about them being highly energetic- needing lots of space to run- and tolerating the affection of other people but being very attached to owners and family members.  While all of that is true- it doesn’t tell you that sleeping comes just as easily as the running.  Or the fact that once they are in your life, you can’t imagine life without them.  That when my husband and I go on vacation without her, we spend just as much time missing her as our grown children.  (Oops- probably shouldn’t have said that). Meaning really that in our hearts she isn’t just a dog or a pet, she is family. While Bailey thinks she is human, we in turn more and more think of her as such.  

Well, that is my post for the day.  I look over at Bailey.
She is sleeping in “her chair”.  The one with the cover pulled down. 



A Dark and Stormy Night

Midwinter in CT.  That’s where I am at this moment.  Physically that is where I am and mentally that is where I am.  What does that mean exactly?  Well…we just finished an arctic blast followed by above normal temperatures bringing with it freezing rain and flooding.  The weather in CT this winter is like someone with bipolar disorder. Mentally I am feeling a little bipolar myself.  This is the time of year when I hibernate.  I hate cold weather more than anything in this world.  I don’t ski.  I don’t ice skate.  The idea of winter to me is something to endure..  and yet… I love to sit inside next to a fire reading a great book.  Who doesn’t love baking something amazing on a frigid day and eating it or serving it with  a hot cup of tea. Life slows down in the winter…in CT.  I am a gardener, and while I am sure Martha Stewart can find plenty of gardening to do in the winter, I enjoy the fact that this time of year I do not have to weed, prune nor kill driveway vegetation.  Winter pace provides more time to visit with friends and family.  Winter provides more time for hobbies such as starting a blog!

So you see….I am bipolar! I guess I have a love, hate relationship with winter.

Starting a Blog

I am 54 years old.  I have always enjoyed writing and I thought blogging would be a way of pushing myself to do more of it.  I feel like I should be writing, “Test, test, this is just a test.” Not like this is real yet.  Just a beginning.  Just a start.  Don’t judge me yet.  I’ll improve.  There, I feel better.  image

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